Saturday’s outfit.

dress1 dress2


Blonde & Blonde at BANK  dress

M&S leggings

Zara sandals

So I ended up finishing work early today, which means I’ve finally had time to wear something other than my uniform and take some pictures for the blog. It’s nothing very exciting, as it’s just a casual summer outfit, but it’s so nice to wear something cool after being boiling all day!

Of course my favourite Zara sandals had to make an appearance! I love this dress too, and I can see myself wearing it with tights and a jacket for the colder months. I love the white peter pan collar detailing! My leggings are my M&S high waisted ones which I love as they’re so comfortable and flattering.

I’m also wearing a couple of loom band bracelets. I’ve finally joined the craze! I have some loom posts coming up soon! x

Hope you’re all having a lovely day! x

The American Apparel Cardigan

outfit1 outfit2 outfit3

American Apparel Cardigan

American Apparel Chiffon top

GAP jeans

Converse shoes 

I’ve wanted this cardigan for absolutely ages. I finally bought it around a month ago. I haven’t worn it yet as it’s been far too hot here in the UK, but I just really wanted to put it up on the blog. I did wear this outfit the other day on my day off, but I had to leave the cardigan as it was boiling!

I really love this cardigan, it’s so cosy and comfortable, and goes with pretty much everything. This colour is my favourite (it also comes in black and cream) and it fits so nicely. It’s quite pricey as you’d expect from American Apparel, but it’s also up to their high quality standards.

My top is also from American Apparel (not the same shopping trip!). It’s perfect for this really hot weather, but I’ll wear it when it’s cooler too under a jacket or something. It’s a really flattering fit, and I love the little velvet polka dots.

My jeans are from GAP, and are the same ones I’ve worn in outfit pictures below on the blog. They’re the legging skimmer style if any of you were wondering. They’re just a great basic pair of jeans really. I wouldn’t describe them as ‘legging’ personally (they’re more rigid than Topshop joni’s for example) but they’re really comfortable and easy to wear.

Last but not least are my white converse. I used to wear them all the time for work in my old job, but I still love them and they’re really comfy too!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far! xx

L’Oreal L’Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick.


I picked up this L’Oreal L’Extraordinaire liquid lipstick on a time-killing trip to boots a couple of weeks ago. I was waiting to meet my mum after work so I popped into Boots as you do! There was a little display of these new(ish) lip products and it just caught my eye. I like a bit of gold packaging, and the long-lasting formula intrigued me.

I decided to go for a pinky nude shade, as that’s what I usually go for. Also, bit of a side note, my recent hair struggle with it going ginger means that very few colours suit me at the moment. I’m back at the hairdressers next week, and I can’t wait to be rid of the dreaded orange tones! (No offense to any red-heads out there, I just really don’t suit it)

Anyway, back onto this lipstick. I picked up the shade 101 Rose Melody and its a really lovely wear-anytime shade. I’ve been wearing it a lot for work, because its so easy to throw on, and it lasts longer than most other nude lip products I have. (It’s also ridiculously hot where I work, so even the longest lasting formulas, especially in foundation, don’t last much longer than a couple of hours.)

Because of the blend of oils in the formulation, it’s very moisturising. I was worried this would make the product move around, but I haven’t noticed any of that at all. I’m not sure on the darker shades as I’ve only tried this shade.

The applicator is really nice too. It reminds me of the YSL Glossy Stain applicator but a little less shaped. It applies the product really evenly, and the packaging is really lovely, it definitely looks more YSL than L’Oreal.

I’m really pleased with this little product, and I’d recommend giving it a try. They’re £8.99 so not the cheapest option, but I’d say they’re worth the price! (They’re also on 2 for £15 at Boots at the moment!)

Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far! It’s been my only day off this week today! x

Day off outfit

monday1 monday2


New Look Kimono (similar)

BANK Blouse (sold out online)

Topshop Joni jeans

JustFab Gelsey flats 

Here is my outfit from my day off after my Birthday! I was just doing errands and had a couple of appointments so it was just a casual outfit. I feel like all I do is go to work at the minute and I never have the time or energy left to do anything. Don’t worry I’m still continuing with blogging, it just frustrates me that I can’t devote as much time to it as I want to!

Anyway, I decided to wear my new JustFab flats that I got this month, with my favourite Joni jeans from Topshop (I really need a new pair as these are getting worn out), and this lovely blouse I got in the BANK sale a couple of weeks ago. It’s from the Tulisa range, but I just liked it! The kimono is from New Look, I can’t find it online and suspect it’s sold out as I got it a couple of months ago. I got it in a size 10 as they’re very loose fitting and they just fall off!

Also, please ignore how ridiculously highlighted my cheeks look, for some reason the camera made it look so obvious! You could hardly see it in real life!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, and I’ll try my best to make things as regular as I can on here, I hope you all understand xxx

Haircare haul.


I popped into Sally’s last week to get some shampoo for my Grandma, but they were having a VAT free day in my local store, so I decided to pick up a few things! (I have a trade card because I’m a qualified nail technician)

I’d been wanting to try the it’s a 10 miracle leave-in product for a while, but I’ve never seen it anywhere in the UK. It was about £10 so it wasn’t cheap, but it’s something I’ve wanted to get hold of for a few years!

I also picked up a Wella Shimmer Delight spray, which is to replace one that I’ve just finished. I first got this from my hairdressers and it’s just a shine spray but it really helps with frizz. It doesn’t last long, so it’s not something I use everyday, but it’s a great product so I decided to repurchase. I also picked up the Bed Head Smoothing Stuff, which is another product they always use at the hairdressers. I’ve not owned this before, but I can always use more smoothing products, and this one smells amazing!

I’ve been looking for a bigger curling wand for a while now, and this one was on special offer at £19.99. It’s a titanium  wand, which I’ve heard are better for the hair, and it also comes with a protective glove, which is great as I’ve lost my other one! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know my thoughts when I do!

Last but not least I picked up the L’Oreal constructor, as the girl in the shop recommended it to me for using with curling irons, as I really struggle to get curls to hold. I also picked up some clips, which I intended for using for sectioning hair when styling, but I’ve used them just to hold my hair out of the way when it’s hot! They hold really well, which is great for my very thick hair.

So that’s everything I picked up! I did think of doing a video with this new curling iron, so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in!

Happy Friday! x

Thoughts on the BeautyBlender



I got this little BeautyBlender set in my June Birchbox. I think mine might be a trial size, I’m not sure, but I’ve linked the one you can buy above. I’ve heard loads of reviews of the BeautyBlender, and it seems to be a bit of a marmite product. I’ve heard it’s great for concealer, and foundation, but I’ve tried it out and found it only works with certain things.

For bases, I’ve found it works best with BB creams and the more moisturising formulas of foundations. It doesn’t work for full coverage matte foundations as it tends to apply too much product, which sinks into the skin and sits a bit strangely! For concealer, again, I’ve found that the higher coverage formulas such as the Collection lasting perfection, are better suited to fingers or a brush.

If you’re looking for a very natural, flawless look and you don’t need/want much coverage, then you’d really like the beauty blender.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that for best results, if you dampen the sponge first, it’s much easier to blend. Also, it’s not the quickest form of application, but is quite a fun way to apply your foundation.

I haven’t needed to use the Blender cleanser yet, as I’ve just rinsed it with water on the couple of occasions I’ve used it, but I’ve also heard great things about that too, not only for the Beautyblender, but for cleaning brushes too.

Have you tried the BeautyBlender?

Hope you’re all having a good week! x

22nd Birthday Outfit!





American Apparel Sunflower Babydoll dress

M&S leggings

JustFab Timea wedges

Mulberry Taylor oversized satchel (just seen)

Here is the outfit I wore on my birthday which was on Sunday! I wore one of my favourite dresses, which is this sunflower babydoll dress from American Apparel. It’s really comfortable and is so easy to wear with leggings. I’m actually frightened of real sunflowers, so I shouldn’t like this dress, but I do!

These leggings from M&S are brilliant as they’re high waisted and have a wide waist band, so they don’t fall down and have a really flattering fit. Because they’re from M&S and better quality than some other stores, they’re not see through either!

I’m also wearing my JustFab UK Timea wedges, which are perfect for daytime as they’re not too high. I also used my Mulberry Taylor bag, which you can just see in the little instagram photo!

Hope you’re all having a great week so far! x